Painted To Prefection! – A Look At Painted Wood Flooring

by Katie on August 22, 2011

Want a great way to freshen up and add character to an old, scratched, or tattered wood floor? How about painting it? Seri0usly! I know it might sound CRAZY and could potentially be a hard decision as wood flooring typically is one of the most expensive changes to make to a home.  But I love the look of painted wood flooring!  When I look around my living room, I’m constantly looking for improvements that can be made. I guess it’s just a habit, but I always evaluate my surroundings and tend to be more critical of my own home. My to do list includes adding crown molding, changing out throw pillows, and adding some new artwork among other things.  And while our wood floors are in decent condition, I can’t help but wonder how great they would be painted in another color. I am sure my husband won’t be going for my painted wood flooring ideas, but here are a few fantastic examples of painted wood flooring!

Windsor Smith Home

What about creating extra character and interest? How about adding a pattern to painted wood  flooring? I just love the idea of the painted patterned flooring!

Source: Mary McDonnald

Muse Interiors

Source: Darren Henault

Could your wood flooring use a little pick me up? Try painting it!

Happy Monday! Stay tuned for much more!

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chan November 27, 2011 at 8:13 am

so lovely


Sandra August 18, 2012 at 5:31 pm

LOVE LOVE LOVE painted floors. We have a small cabin and I painted the bedroom wood floor a dark rich red. So many compliments.


Bonnie January 1, 2013 at 9:21 am

Love it!!!! I have 1100 sq. feet of 1940’s hardwood flooring through out my house. I reaaaaaaaaaaaallly think I’m going to shake it up alittle and paint it. I’ve been on the fence for 18 years. The big question is WHAT COLOR? Design? I love the chevron print and diamond patterns but also would love to do it in a deep sort of chocolate mohogany as well. Gosh which to pick? I also need to paint the livingroom and ….the diningroom….and.. the list can go on. What it truley boils down to is that we are getting new livingroom furniture and since now the kids have gotten older and less wear and tear (until grandbabies start) we have to make some furniture choices. SO , the floor first and compliment with new furnishings, OR new furnishings first then floor choices after??


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